Protirus Consulting

With our diverse team of Architects, Consultants, Developers, Support and Project Professionals, we can help you to design, deploy, integrate, manage and further develop your security products.

Our Services

Service Design

Our extensive range of experience has led us to regularly work with the largest and most diverse customers to architect successful security programs and develop practical and achievable target operating models.

Program Management

No matter what stage your security program is currently at, our experienced program managers team will help ensure its successful delivery and operational success.

Deployment & Integration

Successfully deploy your security investment into even the most complex of environments including API and advanced reporting integrations with the help of our experienced technical consultants.

Operational Optimisation

Optimise your security services, accelerate service improvements and guarantee operational success with assistance from our experienced consultants and embedded resident subject matter experts

Our Expertise

Shadow IT

The Cloud, and in particular Software as a Service (SaaS), allow organisations to quickly and easily sign up to web sites, at a low cost, to deliver business functions such as Sales, HR and Accounting, without the old headaches of IT, such as deploying servers and providing support.

However, this agility leads to independent groups signing up to services under the radar, inadvertently raising risks to the wider business.

Our services allow you to regain control with programs utilising the latest Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) technologies, by auditing and assessing your risks and working to implement controls with minimum impact to the business, allowing it to safely enjoy the benefits of the cloud.

Information Security

Securing data - from Intellectual Property, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to Credit Card (PCI) and other financial data - has become a key aspect of any organisation. Even organisations with a relaxed attitude, are now liable under wide-reaching data acts, such as GDPR, and must prevent and report accidental or even malicious exposure of data.

Our expertise and experience integrating people and process, alongside the use of leading security technologies, facilitate the identification, protection and remediation that allows you to meet your obligations.

Network Security

Too often, network security is seen as simply a perimeter to keep intruders out. The reality is a modern network is distributed between the office, your employees’ home, or whichever other location your workforce operates from, almost always requiring some form of web connectivity. Protirus helps you provide web access as a business service, wherever they are, meeting acceptable usage concerns and protecting your assets, whilst maintaining end-user experience.

Threat Protection

Our customers address the evolving threat landscape by investing in security controls that leverage threat intelligence and assist the detection and prevention of attacks as they occur. These are powerful tools that require customization; without careful consideration of the business, prevention can be just as damaging as the threats themselves, if it accidentally stops critical services, or blocks users from carrying out their roles. Protirus Consulting take a comprehensive approach to your requirements, considering the wider implications. We follow mature methodologies that allow us to deploy the highest levels of protection whilst presenting the lowest risk of impact to your business.


Most of our customers have technologies from multiple vendors, that need to play well together and leverage each others’ features. You may need the flow of events from your controls to be correlated in a SIEM, or your DLP tool may need to raise a ticket with the service desk; or your propriety access management service may need to reference your unstructured data. We can design, develop and deploy integrations such as these or others, leveraging our extensive experience.