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Monday, June 11, 2018

Tagger - ICT / DLP Flex Response

Protirus were asked to provide an integration between Symantec DLP version 15.0 and Symantec ICT. Currently these two Symantec products are not integrated, this is planned for DLP version 15.5, which is due to be released in late 2018. Due to these circumstances, Protirus have stepped in to provide a working integration of these two products for current versions of DLP, our solution is a server flex response called Tagger.

Tagger sits on a DLP server and consists of a flex response plugin and two response rules. Tagger appends custom DLP attributes to any incidents which run the associated response rules. This program passes files to ICT for tagging (classification) and then appends the result of the tagging process to the original DLP incident ticket.

This video demonstration showcases the following:

  • ICT & DLP Environments
  • Required Response Rules
  • Live Demonstration
  • Results of the Tagging Process

For more information on this product as well as a live demonstration please contact


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