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Wednesday, November 02, 2016

Hardware Independent Imaging from the Cloud

The design, configuration and build of a Windows® SOE image is typically a time-consuming technical challenge that requires significant capital expenditure (CapEx). The importance of an easy and rapid SOE image maintenance cycle is often overlooked and can be costly.

Imagine a Windows SOE image inspired by automation, a single adaptable image to cater for all your business enduser needs. imagine you don’t need any infrastructure or technical resources to build it. imagine no more. Our selfservice cloud-based SOE Portal lets you design, configure and build your customised SOE image with ease.


Subscription-based: move your SOE image development to an OpEx model that requires no investment in infrastructure or expertise. We have three subscription plans to suit your business requirements: choose from our EasyImage, FlexImage or ProImage plans.
Self-service: you are in control. Simply select the Windows version, the applications, the hardware models,and define the configuration. Cloud-based, infrastructure-less: access anytime, anywhere with an easy-to-use wizard-based web portal. Our rapid release cycle provides you instantly without experiencing the pain of version upgrades.
Fast, automated: no need to wait weeks or even months for your SOE image to be ready – click “go” and your image will be automatically created and ready for download in no time.
Easy maintenance: need another hardware model or application included? Simple. Tick the box, click rebuild and your updated SOE image will be ready to go.


What do I get?

Application libraries: select from our wide range of prepackaged common applications, or upload your own customised or licensed applications for inclusion in your SOE image.
Hardware library: select from our multi-vendor list of certified hardware. Your SOE image will be built for deployment to the selected models you have included.
Configuration: select from a plethora of settings to customise your SOE image for your business.
Ready for deployment: your SOE image can easily be factory integrated, deployed from various removable media devices (CD/DVD, USB etc), or over your network using PXE.


Is it for me?

  • Do you have devices that need to be deployed with, or upgraded to, Windows 7 or Windows 8?
  • Do you want an SOE image that can be designed and built easily and rapidly, without the usual weeks or months of consulting and development?
  • Do you want to remove the hassle of building, managing and maintaining SOE images ongoing?
  • Do you want to reduce the ongoing costs of managing your end-user assets, including user support?


Protirus SOE Portal will save your business money. Compared to current day SOE practices, resource effort and associated SOE lifecycle costs are drastically reduced, providing real year on year dollar savings to your bottom line.
Dedicated infrastructure is not required, providing savings on hardware and associated support and licensing costs. Expensive or dedicated skilled resources are no longer required. The savings are endless.

Contact for more information

Download the DataSheet: Protirus SOE Imaging DataSheet.pdf


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