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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Run multiple instances of the same internet browsers on the same computer e.g. 2 x Version of IE with 2 versions of Java

The video below shows a machine with Symantec End-Point Virtualisation Installed. We have 2 virtual Apps, one with IE 11 and Java 8 Update 65 active (Current at the time of recording). The other virtual App is IE 8 with java 7 update 10

And a couple of reasons for being asked to date....

An hospital trust runs a version of it's XRay software that only supports an old and vulnerable version of internet explorer. By forcing this browser to only point at this site we reduced it's vulnerability. If the site was compromised then any malware would be contained within the virtual layer and could be easily reset.

A police force wished to have a browser that was for day to day police work, and then a second browser that could be used to access areas of the dark web. This both contained the risk, but also acted as a sign off point that the officer was aware they were now doing something more illicit and less proxy restrictions existed. All traffic however was still carefully monitored.


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