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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Why is Protirus celebrating Xmas in February ?

For Protirus, Christmas 2015 was postponed to Friday 5th Feb due to customer delivery commitments. We didn't don party hats but instead went on a day of actioned packed activities which included paint balling, quad biking and clay pigeon shooting. Sounds more like a stag do? Well almost, our Project Manager who was going to participate decided to remain in the hotel spa, so when the boys were showing off their paint ball wounds, she was eating her chicken salad whilst reclining on a lounger.

For most it was perhaps the quad biking that was not only the highlight of the activities but also the most surprising. A 10 mile course through muddy trails, knee deep puddles and steep up and downhill gradients was easily eaten up by the 250hp bikes. At times you wondered just how the bikes did it let alone the riders.

With a well-earned meal and a few cold ones back in Newcastle, the day was deemed a success, the only problem now being what to do next – skydiving or bungy jumping off Tower Bridge when our two London consultants can join us ?


Jonathan Mathews

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